5 Ways To Become A Happier Person


I am far from perfect.  In fact a lot of the time I feel like I’m just scratching the surface of happiness.  The amount of times I’ve thought I’ve got this ‘happiness’ thing cracked and I’m off feeling sorry for myself again is pretty damn astounding.
But here are a few things that I have found that have helped to bring me back when things are looking pretty shitty.
1. Know that you can be happy right now
Firstly you must realise that this is where and when you can find happiness.  Not in money, fame, being loved or becoming successful.  Being happy can happen in this moment, right now.
Once you recognise that being happy is something that is available to you at any moment, life becomes a smoother ride.  Once you can alter your way of thinking about this and seeing things in a different way, then your life will improve by directing your focus internally, as opposed to getting caught up in the external dramas that everyone else seems to be holding on to.
2. Stop time travelling into your past failures 
So that you can create happier and better moments in your life, you have to begin by accepting everything the way it is.  Know that everything that is right now, is meant to be and that everything that has happened was meant to happen.  There is nothing (not even the time machine in your head) that can make that change.
A way that I have done this is to bring myself into the present moment.  Just saying obvious statements out loud really help, like ‘I am sat here, typing at my computer, breathing deeply into my belly’.  Sounds crazy but it really helps to prevent me from time travelling.
3. Quit Complaining
If you want to change anything in your life this is a great place to start.  When you take your focus from ‘them’, ‘they’, ‘he’, ‘she’ and focus on ‘I’ and ‘me’ that is when change can happen.  This keeps you focused on your own sphere of control and stops you trying to control others.  This shift alone will create a HUGE amount of happiness in your life.
Bringing yourself into the moment will really help with this.  To do this, observe your mind, your thoughts, feelings and sensations without letting them control you.  There is no aim, just to observe what is going on within you right now.
4. Refuse to neglect yourself
If you ignored a punctured tyre, then you would still be able to drive, but you’ll be going a lot slower and it would take a lot more hard work and effort.  If you keep going then eventually then you will ruin the wheel and you won’t be able to drive anymore.   This is an obvious statement.  But so many people are going through life without maintaining their bodies or their minds.  Your body is THE most valuable possession you have, so take care of it.  Eat healthily, get your sleep, do small amounts of regular exercise, read books and learn new skills.  If you don’t, you’ll be scraping the barrel.
5. Stop measuring yourself against others.
By measuring yourself against other people you are allowing them to drive you around in their vehicle of life.  When you do this you allow them to control your experience of life, they get to influence what you see, think, feel, experience.  So take charge of your own life and take up the driving seat!
So do what you can, have fun, enjoy your life and move on!
Alexis x


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