Coaching with me

Who this is NOT for (and who it is for)

So look, I want to be straight here. There are certain types of people that we all get along with and there are certain types of people that we don’t. That’s why I take any potential clients through a screening process before I even consider working with them. This is for your sake and for mine, you wouldn’t want to invest your time into a relationship if it did’t seem right from the start and this is no different.

I DO NOT work well with…

People who aren’t transparent. I will be asking you to try out new and interesting ways of challenging yourself so you’ll need to communicate with me, from the heart, not just the head. So not being transparent with how you feel about things makes communication difficult.

People who are fixated on doing things their way and aren’t open to trying new things. This can be a big problem, especially as we will be looking at doing things slightly different to what you are used to, so if you know that you don’t do well with change then this is probably not going to suit you.

People who “already know this stuff”.  If you already knew this then you wouldn’t be looking for help!  I don’t know if I can help you, but if you’re not in a position to learn, then this is going to be a very tough ride for you (and me)

People who have something to hide about who they are. I’m not a therapist and I’m not doing any ‘digging’ into your past. Saying that, if you want some help moving forward then you have to be in a position where you are ready to discover who you really are.

I DO work well with…

People who don’t mind having deep conversations and a good laugh too, I really enjoy having deep conversations about philosophy, the sciences and the universe, but I equally love being a child and having a laugh too.

People who aren’t offended easily and want to hear the truth. Hearing the truth can put you in a gloomy place, but it’s a necessary part of bringing your full spectrum into the picture.

Those who live for the moment. I get excited about new challenges and hope you do too. You won’t have to be the same as me, but just be willing to be challenged.

Those who value my time AND theirs. I believe time is our most precious commodity, so time well spent is invaluable, but time wasted is tragic. If we have equal respect for each others’ time then we will be off to a flying start.