Dealing With Anxiety and Frustration


Dealing With Anxiety and Frustration


When I was younger I used think that being able to time travel would be a really cool super power.  I mean, being able to look into the future and see what is going to happen next, or to predict what someone might say or do in a situation would be a pretty awesome ability, right?  Or to be able to go back in time and prevent a disaster from happening, or give myself some encouraging words of support when I needed them the most.

Now that i’m a little older I see that most people DO have this ability, but they aren’t using it to enhance their experience of life, far from it, they are often using it to block themselves from progressing and growing.  They have this incredible ability to get stuck in certain time frames and play out all the worst possible scenarios over and over again.

This sort of time travelling leads to high amounts of stress, anxiety and frustration.  All created by the mind chatter in our heads, the conversations we play out,  the emotions that we THINK will come up, the losses, the failure, the anger, the upset.  Understand that these are all there to help you survive, these thought process are designed to keep you safe – but they won’t help you grow and develop into who you want to become.

Things can you do to deal with this:

  • Distinguish between things that are IN your control and OUT of your control.  (I know there are also things that you have partial control over, but even those divide into things that you can control and things that you can’t.)
  • Focus on things that are in your control and take action on them.
  • Disregard those things that aren’t in your control.  (Awareness tip: if you are trying to control something that is OUT of your control, you’ll have an in increased amount of anxiety).
I know these may seem like the simplest of concepts, but if you can do these three things then you will see a dramatic decrease in your anxiety and frustration levels!
If you need some guidance or a nudge in the right direction then get in touch and I’ll be happy to help

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