How to facilitate REAL Transformation


How to facilitate REAL Transformation


I was recently interviewed by Nasos Papadopoulos for a podcast where we spoke about my own personal experience of how I learn best. It was great fun and we had a fantastic conversation that brought out some really cool stuff that I haven’t really spoken much about before.

Some of the the things that myself and Nasos spoke about was my leap from the ‘academic’ environment to the ‘action’ environment. And how that had had a profound effect on my early personal growth.

The major realisations and lessons that I took away from this interview were that:

‘Baptism by FIRE’ is the surest way to create transformation

Real experiences contribute to REAL life growth

Knowing what you want is the ONLY thing that matters

If you want to check out the full podcast head over to:

Episode 5: How to Learn by Doing with Ex-Army Instructor and Transformative Coach Alexis Panayiotou

Alexis x

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