Inspiration when you need it most…


Inspiration when you need it most…


I woke up this morning and felt pretty shitty, very heavy, sluggish and not quite with it.

Why did I feel this way?  Because I ate out with a friend yesterday and decided I wasn’t going to eat ‘normally’.  We went for a curry for lunch, which consisted of mainly meat based dishes (all very good by the way) and then I went training at my usual climbing wall.  I didn’t feel too strong to be honest… 

Anyway, every morning for the last couple of weeks I have been committed to doing 15 minutes of a Yoga routine.  This morning however I really wasn’t feeling it, like I said, I wasn’t feeling too good at all.  But I decided that i’m going to do it anyway, not because I’ve got to ‘push through’ or ‘I mustn’t miss a day’ but because I am committed to improving my body each and every day.  I use my own personal inspiring me to keep me focussed.  This doesn’t mean that I’ve got train as hard, but it does mean that I have to make an attempt at becoming better.


And I know that by doing that this morning, it will help my body improve the function of my digestive system, increase blood flow to my organs and muscles, keep my joints mobile and clear my head from the morning fog.


You see most people aren’t looking at the longer term reasons when they start working on themselves. They are looking for the short term goals, instead of consciously being aware of the long term reason they set out to achieve what they want.   You see, we are what we consistently do, so consistently over eating, over drinking, under resting, and under training our body leads to discomfort, illness, aches and pains.  So what can you consistently start doing to improve your body, not just for the next few weeks, but for the next few months and beyond to inspire YOU to keep focussed each morning.


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