Never EVER be the Grey Man


Never EVER be the Grey Man

“Always try to stand out. No one ever notices or remembers the person in the middle. Try your hardest to be way out in the front, or be clinging on for dear life at the back.”
In my Army days whenever I was going on a course, I would ask around people who had already done it before, those who had been on the path before me so I could get the inside line and prepare myself. The advice that I would often get, would be along the lines of – just make sure you don’t stand out, don’t let people know who you are or you’ll be a marked man. Be the grey man. Play it safe. Don’t get recognised. Don’t be seen. As long as you get that ‘P’, get the pass. Everything will be alright. Which I did, and it worked, I got the pass, I got the tick in the boxes which I thought = success.
But the ones that I didn’t do well on, (the ones that meant the most to me) were the ones where I was required to stand out. You see, being the grey man works. It works for mediocre, it works for being average, it works well for blending in.
But being the grey man doesn’t:
-Push you out of your comfort zone
-Help you realise what you are NOT good at
-Show you your strengths
-Let you be YOU
-Allow you to win
-Give you lasting success
-Inspire others
No one really wants to be the grey man in life, no-one wants to go unseen, we all want to leave our mark in this world some way.
But fear holds us back, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being seen for who we REALLY are…
But here is the thing, if we don’t bring our struggles to the forefront then we’ll never know how we can get better. We’ll never know our weaknesses, our pains, our frustrations or ourselves, our true strengths. We’ll never know what REALLY makes us happy, or understand what really makes us smile.
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