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What Is Your Distraction?

  Have you ever found that when you need to get something important done, you’ll find almost any excuse not to do it? Whether it’s starting a diet or health plan, overcoming a habit or addiction, starting your business or even getting to bed early, things just seem to pop-up. Even some of our most disliked, menial tasks begin to

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I Am NOT Confident All The Time

It irritates me, frustrates me, pisses me off, upsets me and makes me feel inadequate and even depressed sometimes! It stops me smiling, it shuts me down and closes me off and it robs me of my freedom and happiness. Let me explain… You see I used to think that I was confident, because I could stand up and talk

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Stop Punching Yourself In The Face

It hurts. When I was in the Army I did some boxing, I didn’t compete at inter unit level, but I boxed. You see I used to do Wing Chun Kung Fu in my teens which meant that my footing was based around having a more solid base and following your opponent with your guard. Boxing on the other hand

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10 Things I’d Tell My 20 Year Old Self

. This is one of my favourite posts, mainly because it really helped me to understand some of the struggles that I have had in the past – some of which I’m still working on. I enjoyed my 20’s massively! I got a property, had a great career and formed some really strong relationships, but there are some things that I could’ve

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