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Inspiration when you need it most…

I woke up this morning and felt pretty shitty, very heavy, sluggish and not quite with it. Why did I feel this way?  Because I ate out with a friend yesterday and decided I wasn’t going to eat ‘normally’.  We went for a curry for lunch, which consisted of mainly meat based dishes (all very good by the way) and

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How to facilitate REAL Transformation

I was recently interviewed by Nasos Papadopoulos for a podcast where we spoke about my own personal experience of how I learn best. It was great fun and we had a fantastic conversation that brought out some really cool stuff that I haven’t really spoken much about before. Some of the the things that myself and Nasos spoke about was

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Never EVER be the Grey Man

“Always try to stand out. No one ever notices or remembers the person in the middle. Try your hardest to be way out in the front, or be clinging on for dear life at the back.”   In my Army days whenever I was going on a course, I would ask around people who had already done it before, those

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What Is Your Distraction?

  Have you ever found that when you need to get something important done, you’ll find almost any excuse not to do it? Whether it’s starting a diet or health plan, overcoming a habit or addiction, starting your business or even getting to bed early, things just seem to pop-up. Even some of our most disliked, menial tasks begin to

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I Am NOT Confident All The Time

It irritates me, frustrates me, pisses me off, upsets me and makes me feel inadequate and even depressed sometimes! It stops me smiling, it shuts me down and closes me off and it robs me of my freedom and happiness. Let me explain… You see I used to think that I was confident, because I could stand up and talk

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