What Is Your Distraction?


What Is Your Distraction?



Have you ever found that when you need to get something important done, you’ll find almost any excuse not to do it? Whether it’s starting a diet or health plan, overcoming a habit or addiction, starting your business or even getting to bed early, things just seem to pop-up.

Even some of our most disliked, menial tasks begin to take over “I’ll just wash these dishes” or “I’ll just take the rubbish out” and before we know it we’ve missed our deadline. In fact if we were to add up the amount of time we spend doing these things it’s quite amazing how much of our lives are consumed by tasks that inevitably distract us from our goals.

Steven Pressfield in ‘The War of Art’ puts it down to what he calls – ‘resistance.’ He describes it as the enemy – a repelling force thats only aim is to prevent us from achieving our goals and distract us from our achievements. Its hard to believe, that there could be an actual force out there that is trying to prevent you from getting what you want. But could he be right???

Every time you are about to reach one of your goals a distraction seems to appear in one of its many guises. It edges you towards the easy route, it gives you another option, another way out.

What does distraction mask itself as? It can actually be a lot of things that are in your day to day life – from TV, internet social-networking, self-dramatisation, substance abuse (yes this includes boozing it up), criticising, shopping, cleaning, sex or even food! The list of things is ongoing.

So how can this be avoided, how can we prevent ourselves from being distracted from what we really want?

It is REALLY simple 🙂

Realise your distraction – Ask yourself what you spend a lot of time doing that does not drive your life in the direction you want it to go and make it real. What do I mean by real? I mean put it into a physical form, something that can look right back at you! You can write it on a notepad, put it on a piece of paper. You can even tell someone, just ACKNOWLEDGE that it is your distraction. Calculate how much time you spend doing your distraction. If social media is a one of your distractions and you spend a total of 3 hours per day on social media, then by the end of the week you’ve spent 15hrs (nearly 2 working days worth!) removing yourself from your goals.

Reduce it – After you have worked out how much of your time is consumed by your distraction you can start putting a limit on it. The time limit will then let you control how much time you allow yourself to be distracted. After a period of time you can reduce it and reduce it until you have

Redirect it – Once you’ve claimed your time back, USE IT to take another step toward your goals. If you don’t a distraction will rise up in another form and you’ll be starting the process over again.

So have a think, what is it, what’s holding you back?

Realise it.  Reduce it.  Redirect it.


Alexis x

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