Who Am I?

My name’s Alexis Panayiotou (Pani-O2)


Who am I?

I’m Alexis Panayiotou and I’ve been Coaching people for 12+ years.

What is your main background?

I’m proud to have served over 10 years as a soldier and have been on multiple Operational tours, serving alongside some of the most highly regarded and elite Squadrons and Regiments in the World.  I’m a physical therapist and body worker, movement specialist and coach.  I spend my time studying psychology, physiology and how alternative ways of thinking and being can be integrated into our daily lives.

Where were you raised?

Born and raised in North London with a strong Greek-Cypriot family, I was brought up with a tight network of friends and a positive connection to family life.  Not quite the natural academic, I responded well to the Martial Arts and other movement disciplines.

Who have you worked with?

I’ve worked with TV presenters, Musicians, Performers, Martial Artists, Soldiers, Fitness Trainers, Physical Therapists, Pensioners and those with specialist neurological conditions such MS, Fibromyalgia and Bells Palsy.

What do you enjoy doing?

Learning, developing and being a student.  Coaching others and working with them on their goals and dreams, to live a more full and engaged life.  Unapologetically living my life through ‘rose-tinted glasses.’

Something you have respect for?

Food!  And those who enjoy preparing it.

Something you have no time for?

Waffling and Flapping!

In closing…

Life isn’t about THIS way or THAT way, why settle for the Black and White when you can BE everything in between and Live a Life In Full Colour…